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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  November 12, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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>> baltimore and the infrastructure it's built on is not aging gracefully. >> it's old. i mean, we're talking seriously old that hasn't been addressed the way this needs to be. >> so you get a river running through it. this morning's rupture causing no water to summon the area. low pressure to others like mercy hospital. all of it eventually alleviated as dpw crews follow a map to locate and close valves in surrounding blocks. by afternoon the flow at the break slowed and the pressure built back up. the next step will be unearthing the main to see a what caused the problem and replace it. >> we really have to focus on this because it's essential. >> especially when you live right in between this morning's rupture and last week's break like joyce singer. it's time to start focusing on the problem, she said.
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>> can't keep living in the middle of two water main breaks, right? >> that's right. if it means more taxes, i'm not one of those against taxes. that's' what this pays for. >> reporter: you say get it done. >> get it done. >> reporter: the plan, in five years, would replace aging water mains at a 40-mile clip rather than had the snails pace we're at now. >> we're so far below where we should be. we're below five miles a year. the next year 20, 25, 30, 35, 40. when we get up to 40 we'll be replacing them from year on out. >> baltimore city said this particular part of this main candidate back as far as the
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1800's. supporting live in mt. vernon. >> guilford and calvert streets, those are our major arteries. >> to get around, here's time saver traffic reporter. >> reporter: the water main break continues to call problems. you need to avoid madison between falls way and guilford. you will need to use 83, calvert or monument street instead. this is a mile away from last week's water main break. now landville street will be closed at charles street and 20th street is shut down from st. paul to maryland. your best alternate routes are calvert and the jfx. i'll be tracking it tomorrow on good morning maryland tomorrow
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morning. continuing coverage of the water main break on north charles. the break last wednesday sent so much water gushing into the streets that it took days for the crews to tackle some of the repairs. the department of public works said they're still working to get the main repaired and the fix -- street fixed as well. look at the temperatures today, peeking at 70 in har but toc. 65 towson. we're down to the low 60s. here's what's coming, big line of rain. it arrives later tonight and will linger. a dry evening. the chances for rain going up. we'll talk about the rest of the forecast beyond. new developments to tell you about in the affair that's
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working washington. david petraeus' career forever tarnished for cheating on his wife. >> now we're learning more about the woman on the other and of the affair. she was the official biographer but also married with children of her on. >> reporter: david petraeus met paula broadwell six years ago. by 2010 broadwell proposed she write his best selling biography. now faces prosecution for adultry since he was still in the military. >> for him to allow her to write it, someone who had never written a book is odd. >> reporter: a long time military colleague came to his defense.
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>> there was no relationship then as far as an affair. the affair started after he had been in the ceo -- cia, after he retired from the army. >> reporter: another area of concern, if petraeus shareholder cftdz information with -- the confidential information with broadwell. >> the cia annex had actually take an couple of libyan militia members prisoners. they think the attack was an effort to get the prisoners back. >> reporter: investigators found classified material on broadwell's computer. >> tonight the baltimore county man behind one of the most
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beloved children's charges -- characters is taking a leave. he is accused of having a relationship with a 16-year-old boy. the accuser is now 23-year-olds old. clash admitted to having a relationship with the accuser but it didn't turn sexual until they were consenting adults. clash was disciplined. >> live strong is now without lance armstrong, one ofs it founders. the disgraced champion stepped down. live strong's president, doug you willman is raised in howard county. he said armstrong did it to spare the organization. armstrong helped create the organization some 15 years ago after he nearly died of
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testicular cancer. an armed robber at a cecil county store picked the wrong person. >> reporter: he tried to move them into the back. one of the customers turned the tables on him. abc 2's jeff hager has more. >> reporter: the robber wore a mask and car i -- carried a large handgun. you can see the suspecten ter the store and tossed the bag to the employee behind him and demanded that she fill it with cash, but the clerk spot lad long time customer who happened to be a retired maryland state cropper. she mentioned there might be more cash in the back. when the robber forced them to the back. the former trooper stormed on hem. the suspect broke free of the
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grip, making off with the cash. the store owner is lauding the man who disarmed him as a hero. >> is a hero. i told a lot of people. he's the guy who saved my wife's life and everybody's life. if he were not there -- because the gun was loaded completely. he could have gotten the money and ran away, 5% -- 50% chance. >> reporter: even though they had never been robbed before the owner has more than 30 security cameras. now police are coaming over the video to try to identify the suspect. he made his getaway in a white or silver ford explorer that was parked a block away. jeff hager, abc2 news. the timonium medspa that shut its doors have the some got sick and one died fruf an
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infection is dealing with angry patients. joce sterman is here with details. >> reporter: patients who paid for services that are done overtime are not getting the money back. they say the medspa has been closed indefinitely and doesn't have the financial ability to return refunds. the changed tell moan yum location was closed in spt after three patients came down with strept a. the email tells them while they complaint get their money back, they clan go to four other monarch companies for treatments. unfortunately, the two closest ones are 90 minutes away, eergtd in greenville, delaware or harrisburg, pennsylvania. we received a copy of the contract. this requires patients to
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signing a agreement basically saying they won't make negative comments about them, even on the internet. we reached out by phone and email but we have not heard back. joce sterman, abc 2 news. >> doctors have long warned about the possibility of pregnant women death the flu shot. now there's more evidence to link that up. >> have you seen this? a sideline shove. a crash leads to a brawl after a nascar race. the fallout from yesterday's debacle on the track. that's coming up.
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alarming results of a new study on pregnancy shows moneys to be have a much greater chance of having a child with autism. researchers out of denmark found that children of women who had the flu while they were pregnant had doubled the risk of being diagnosed with autism by the age of three compared to kids whose mothers did not have the flu. they also found the risk tripled for moms who had a fever for more than a week while pregnant. critics say the study's findings are questionable because they did not look at the medical records and just relied on their memories. lots of smokers have kids. even though many don't smoke at home. a new study shows almost half do smoke in their cars even with the kids with them. researchers from massachusetts general introduced hundreds of parents who smoke. 70% say they don't have a policy about smoking in the car.
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>> when you're smoking in a car or a closed in space, what they've found is there's a third hand smoke component which is the residue that's left over that can coat the inside of the car and that, itself, can be dangerous for children. when you roll down the window either partially or completely, that can still be an environment equivalent to a smoky bar. >> tobacco smoke can lead to respiratory infection, cancer and even death for children. are you used to these dark evenings just after 5 p.m. we got it through december 21st. shorter and shorter days before days get longer after the winner sol ties. 4:54. it was a nice period, mostly
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sunny skies in bel air. that was the story throughout the day a gorgeous look day at weather. many have off for the veterans day holiday. as we look at mt. airy and a gorgeous view over summit ridge. mid-60s now. we're in the 70-degree range where temperatures were at their peak. now southerly winds holding temps up a bit tonight. the winds will turn west and northwest into the early part of the day tomorrow as a cold front gets in here and brings the cold air big time through the day tomorrow. there will also be plenty of wet weather activity around midnight and lingering into a good chunk of the day tomorrow. here's that line of rain pushing. 11:00, beginning to income on our western county's county, ho. as we push into the early commute time, rain on and off. could see a couple of waves
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through 6 a.m. in the morning. look for wet roads and possible rain. give yourself extra time for that morning drive. then we clear out by midday. by tomorrow evening we may seat sun. the difference would be cold air is arriving, temperatures dropping and it would be breezy. breezy conditions throughout the afternoon. wednesday looks nice, clear and the winds will be dying down. here's the setup. warm air rung up the east coast. here's the cold air knocking on the door. 34 in chicago. 39 in cincinnati. that cold air will be marching east as we march into the overnight. by wednesday we should be able to bounce out of the 40s and back into the 50s by late in the day. the rain we're watching now any chance for wintry precipitation, no. there will not be enough cold air. we could get down to freezing tomorrow night behind this line of precipitation as the rain
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gets in here. temperatures will be safely above freezing. by the time we drop below freezing, the rain and cold air will be gone. overnight 48, cloudy, rainy. as we look at the setup, rain early, windy and colder. we may squeeze out a 52-degree reading at midday, noon. this will be after the precipitation's gone. then we begin to warm up slightly into thursday and friday. model weather, actually to kick off the weekend. in the meantime the story is going to be dropping temperatures, bringing in some of that cold november rain. axle rose of guns n roses saying that poet tick song "november rain" and, indeed, we'll get some. >> that is great. >> got to get him in. >> thanks a lot, wyatt. >> things could be worse for the
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folks up north. they're still trying to clean up after superstorm sandy but there is some sign of progress. people will no longer have to ration gas. >> we will end odd even gas distribution starting at 6 a.m. tomorrow morning. so 6 a.m. tomorrow morning we will lift odd-even for the 12 northern counties and go back to the normal system in new jersey. you'll note i think our early imposition cut down on the lines,ing a dpra vaition, potential for violence and others have followed suit. >> governor christie said lawsuits have been filed for hiking up prices. investigators are scratching their head after a house explodes killing two. >> there was absolutely no hint
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anything was wrong before the explosion. >> reporter: what was once a home has been reduced to charred spline teres and debree. investigators are trying to figure out why this house in suburban indianapolis exploded, killing two and damaging 80 surrounding homes. it caused $3. 6 million in damage. >> the survey indicated there are no gas leaks in the area. however, we've got a lot more investigation to do. >> reporter: officials say there was no telltale sign of blast. when this happened nearly 200 people, still dressed in their pajamas, rushed from their beds and took to the streets with their pets. seven were injured. the two who were killed were
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dion and jennifer longworth. longworth taught at a nearby elementary school where dozens of her students and parents mourned her passing. >> she was very nice and would always read us stories and would always hand out candy. >> my son had her in second grade and she did so much for him. she's done so much for all the kids there. >> reporter: a congressman said a bomb or meth lab explosion has been ruled out. >> how a harness that was meant to protect a student was actually used to harm him. he said this was self-defense but the charge has youth football coach is facing after a sideline shove to an opposing player.
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surveillance cameras onboard a school bus revealed a 13-year-old autistic boy being abused. the teacher began choking him after he urinated on himself. kept of grabbing at his hurt neck when he got home. the boy's mother said the harness, which was used to protect her son, was instead used to strangle him. >> my son kept reaching back trying to release it because he was hurting. he's screaming. >> the bus aide has been identified as darryl leon blue and has been arrested and charged. a youth football coach is facing charges after a sideline
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hit on a 13-year-old i would -- boy. coach nathan harris appeared to shove a player from the other team as he runs out of bound. the charges follow. he said he was trying to protect himself from the player hurtling toward another player. >> no harm meant to be done. running off the field, it turned into a nightmare. >> prosecutors dropped the felony charges citing a lack of physical harm. harris is still facing a misdemeanor charge. the streetings of venice, italy, look more like downtown baltimore. look at this. the city is seeing historic flooding. in some areas people are dealing with waste high floodwaters.
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heavy rains, strong winds have caused the water level to rise to its sixth highest level in 60 years. >> not good. all right. coming up, a deliberately caused crash leads to a brawl after a race. how nascar fans are reacting to the crash that everybody is talking about. today is the day we honor all our heroes. you had a local restaurant is showing their gratitude. >> many of us like to shop but do you have a shopping addiction? the signs the shopping habit is crossing the line. >> got a shopping addiction? who knew? clouds are coming in alreadiment you may want to get in that last-minute shopping. tomorrow looks nasty. we'll talk about it.
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